Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I don't often do this, but I'm asking readers of "The Buddha Diaries" to consider supporting this film project. Film Festival Rwanda: A Documentary Film is produced by Leah Warshawski, the daughter of very old friends of ours, who was inspired to make the documentary to support young film-makers in Rwanda. Our country stood shamefully by a few years back, along with the rest of the world, in the full knowledge that a dreadful genocide was taking place in that small African country; former President Bill Clinton has publicly admitted his regret that he did nothing to save hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Now, with her documentary, Leah wants to introduce us to the work of five young film-makers, all devoted to passing on a hopeful message for their country's future. This trailer and Kickstarter campaign will give a sense of her goal, and of the cheerful optimism of the young Rwandans whose work she is promoting.

This, it seems to me, is precisely the kind of project that can inspire renewed confidence and trust in our country in places where it threatens to be lost. I'm personally inspired that a young American like Leah has dedicated so much of her time and energy to facilitating the voices of young Africans, seeking out ways to enable them to speak for themselves, achieve their own goals, and fulfill their own vision. Our record of either opportunistic paternalism or neglect in other parts of the world does not speak well of a country whose heart at its best is generously supportive and caring. We are, after all, the privileged ones. It is heartening to see some of our young people turn that privilege into the service of greater goals than their own small needs.

Good luck to Leah in her quest for the relatively small sum of money she needs to bring this project to fruition. Please help her if you can.


Evy said...

Peter, Thanks so much for your support and kind words ... and encouragement to your readers ... to donate. We are so proud of our lovely daughter(s), and we are grateful for your words of wisdom in your blog. Evy

Leah Warshawski said...

Thank you so much for your support Peter! We are so grateful.
We look forward to sharing the finished film with you when it is done!