Monday, May 30, 2011

The Bush Tattoos

(George H. W., that is...)

I remember only a single image from my dream last night. It's former President George H. W. Bush lying on a beach. His swimsuit is light blue, with an intricate patter of small, colorful figures. Above the waistline of the swimsuit, his belly is covered with multiple tattoos of similar, though even brighter figures, in amongst a fuzz of small hairs, shimmering in the sunlight.

A respectful Memorial Day to American readers! To all others, my gratitude for checking in on The Buddha Diaries. And if anyone could help me with that dream...


mandt said...

The first thought about your dream of Bush came in the form of remembering a Jewish graveyard in Eastern Europe I once saw. On each grave was a pile of beautiful, little stones. Bush will never realize that he is a living grave.

Anonymous said...

The Tattoos...could they have been corporate logos? Halliburton, etc.?