Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fore-Edge Painting

(I'll be gone all day today, attending the Intentional Conversation, sponsored by Marymount College. More about that tomorrow. In the meantime...)

For your delight, I have just a few minutes to post these pictures of a "fore-edge painting" by Lynne McDaniel (please visit her site: you'll be amply rewarded by her paintings!) Lynne is one of our artists' group members, and brought in a couple of these amazing pieces for our session last night. I had never heard of this unusual little corner of the art world, but apparnently there is a long tradition of fore-edge painting. It can be done only with gilt-edged books, which allow the painting to completely disappear...

until the edge is bent, revealing...

...the painting! Thanks, Lynne. A real treat!

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