Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Mountains. No Desert.

Sage advice yesterday from MandT (see "Comments") "Take a week sabbatical," they say, "go up into the mountains or desert by yourself and do nothing but listen." I know that would be just the thing to do... instead, this Thursday, I'm flying Jet Blue from Long Beach to Chicago, O'Hare, and taking a rental car to drive to Iowa City for a long weekend's visit with my son; then north to Wisconsin, to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin East near Spring Green; and east for a couple of days in Madison, where Ellie spent a couple of her undergraduate years, before heading back to O'Hare.

No mountains, then. No desert. Just the Midwest. Ah, well. Still, it will be good to spend a bit of time with my son, and travel usually brings its own rewards. It's the anticipation of travel, I think, that gets to me. Such a hassle, these days. And an uprooting experience. I find I work better when my roots are secure. I'm wondering whether it's that anticipation--along with the pre-flight nerves--that has got me in the stew that I describe.

Today, the Prius needs a service. I'll be spending the morning in the waiting room of Toyota, San Juan Capistrano. No swallows there!

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