Sunday, July 17, 2011

For Your Sunday...

I know I haven't been very attentive to The Buddha Diaries in recent days. All kinds of things going on, including our annual move down to Laguna Beach for the summer weeks. We're down here now, but I still have to return to Los Angeles for a couple of days next week, to help our daughter move into her new house; and then again the following week, for the first annual Buddhist Geeks conference. So... I am distracted.

But anyway, here for your Sunday delight are some pictures of a kind of line-drawing sculpture created by our friend the artist Valerie Wilcox.

She brought it to our group meeting last Tuesday, and the pictures arrived today at my request. It's table-top size, kind of human scale--if you think of a rib cage. And it quivers at the touch. It's kind of bendy and squeezy, too, with a slightly eerie life of its own. I like the way it works with its own shadow, which becomes the two-dimensional drawing that the line no longer is, since it found its third dimension. I like its delicate, white, bony quality, which takes my mind back through eons of time to the dinosaurs, making something very big and mythical and ancient out of something quite small and new. I like the spontaneity and whimsy with which the line meanders from its one end to the other, a squiggle brought to life. I like its lack of sculptural pretension and its humorous creature-liness. I hope you like it, too--and for many different reasons than my own. Which is after all what art is all about.

Metta to all! Have a happy Sunday!

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