Monday, October 3, 2011


Party day, yesterday. Sarah's shower was a great success. Didn't count the numbers, but they were significant--forty to fifty, maybe... Here's some pictures. The feast, all prepared by hand:

The hostess:

Our sous-chef, Emily (also our assistant: you may not have seen her picture in these pages before):

The hostess--and host, happy grandparents-to-be... Wait, not yet!

Okay, now!

Some guests at work:

(That's Ellie's cousin, Judie, munching!) We like to keep our guests happy. Here's Marsha:

And Pamela:

And a few more, including (foreground) our very old, very dear friends Donald and Sharon, (center) our very old, very dear friend Judy, (center right) young Stan--Ed's brother--and Kelly and (far left) Ellie's sister, Susie:

And more:

Present time (Sarah, radiant, looking gorgeous! This picture thanks to Pat, a former co-worker and guest):

(I should have taken a picture of the whole immense, overwhelming stack of gifts. Here you see only a small part of it. Also, to the left of the picture, our friend Mary from Laguna Beach, who generously offered to act as scribe for the occasion. George, behind Ed's head, is wondering what the world is coming to):

What's needed...

... and very cute:

A gift from one uncle-to-be:

Another uncle-to-be (young Stan, again, and girlfriend Kelly:

Two grandpas-to-be, me with Stan senior:

Ready for the cake (this young lady's name is Winter; her baby sister is Willow--unless I have the order wrong, which might be. Much confusion, with so many names and new faces!):

The cakes. Magnificent:

The creator of the cakes, Sarah's oldest friend, Marah; and fans (the tall one is Todd, a friend of Sarah's for thirty-five years, since grade school):

A excellent keyboardist (One-eyed--in this picture--Dan):

Another keyboardist (our nephew, Naftali):

And last, but not least, in attendance, His Royal Highness:

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