Thursday, January 19, 2012


I still have not been able to identify that 200,000th visitor from Surrey, British Columbia, who stopped by The Buddha Diaries at 2:53 PM California time on Tuesday, January 17, in search of a review of the book "Sarah's Key." If he or she does not check in soon, I'll be looking for a reader in Warsaw, Poland, who checked in five minutes later at 2:58. If this is you, or you know who it might be, please be in touch with me at

I also promised a signed copy of "Persist" to each of our next ten visitors after the 200,000th mark. If you identify yourself as one of the following by location and time on Tuesday, January 17th, please let me know at This is my best effort to fulfill the promise that I made.

San Diego, California 3:03PM (all times are Pacific Standard Time)
Glascow, Scotland 3:06PM
Los Angeles, California 3:22PM
Laguna Beach, California 3:26PM
Cranbrook, California 3:29PM
Medicine Hat, Alberta 3:38PM
Toronto, Canada 3:40PM
Oakland, California 3:50PM
San Diego, California 3:58PM
Thornhill, Ontario, 4:12PM

With the expectation that at least a couple of these will not show up, here are two runners-up:

Lisbon, Portugal, 4:21PM
Gillingham, (Yorkshire?) UK, 4:27PM

I'm happy to send these books out, if you'll just lay claim and identify yourself. Please let me hear from you. And thanks to all!

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