Monday, January 9, 2012

OH, AND...

... a small stone, one that did not for some reason get posted last week. Oh, yes, I remember. I was busy. Anyway, after a visit to the doctor...

Saw doc. Everything
okay. Waiting
for Ellie, also in
for the physical. TV
in the waiting room
plays unknown kids'
drama. My fellow
waiters consult
their cell phones,
hoping for news.
Breathe. I consult
my own cell phone
for email, messages
word from the world
out there. No luck.
In the office, paper
spools out from
a printer. The wheels
of medical bureaucracy
grind on with grim
necessity. Yes,
breathe, breathe.


Barb said...

How often have i been there! Before cell phones, there were always out-of-date magazines.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Barb. Thanks for checking in on The Buddha Diaries. Are you a recent reader? Lovely comment on my "Ellie's Birthday" stone!