Sunday, January 15, 2012


... I repeat my plea for support, for the benefit of those readers who might not have checked in for the past couple of days. Sorry to keep harping on about this, but I feel I owe it to the work I do. Please order your copy of "Mind Work." Please help me spread the word...

By way of small compensation for my importunity, may I offer a couple of "small stones":

Soap popsickle
on the bathroom shelf--
a Christmas gift
three weeks ago
from grandson Joe,
as yet unused, and likely
never to be used.
How many air miles
between Laguna Beach
and Harpenden, U.K.?
Far, far too many.


Doing the chores:
cleaning out
the ashes from the grate
from last night's fire;
fetching wood
in from the woodpile
alongside the house;
laying out the logs
for this evening's blaze.
Dog watches, sleepy-eyed.
All's well at our place.
May all be well
at your place, too.

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