Saturday, February 4, 2012


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This past week's appalling gaffe by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation in removing, then apparently reinstating funding for Planned Parenthood serves at least one purpose. It demonstrates to anyone with half a brain that we have succeeded in getting these things thoroughly mixed up: health, religion, politics and money are now so hopelessly--and dangerously--enmeshed in our culture that neither simple reason nor common sense is capable of sorting them out.

The now years-long right wing attack on programs that provide for contraception or abortion is clearly based in neither science nor medicine, but in a religiously-inspired sense of morality. It is an irony that those who claim to stand so resolutely for individual freedom demand control over the lives of others when it comes to reproductive rights. They would gladly sacrifice the health and welfare of millions of women in order to impose their irrational beliefs on the rest of the world, and call upon a supposedly all-loving God to justify their angry intolerance.

At the personal level, the now increasingly powerful message of these people puts the lives of countless women pitilessly at risk. At the global level, quite apart from matters of health, it chooses to ignore the mismatch between a rapidly expanding population and the rapidly depleting resources that support human life: food and water, to name only the most essential. All in the name not only of the unborn, but the not yet conceived! It beggars belief.

What is happening to our simple, compassionate humanity in this country? What have we done with the gift of intelligence and reason? God, if He ever was, must be turning in His grave.

Could we perhaps view it as encouraging sign for the future, that so much outrage was provoked by this event? I surely hope so.


CHI SPHERE said...

It is staggering to read that God and intolerance are roommates with SGK and a Cure. What is her foundation curing by stirring the pot of past decisions made clear once and for all by Roe vs Wade in 1973.

The world is overpopulated and women with their men should always be certain that they will have the choice to determine their future and the well being of children they foster.

I know a woman who aborted her first two pregnancies in order to choose the best time for she and her children to be here and grow a family with a proper mate, male or same gender.

She is now the best mom I know of and her child is prospering in all ways. Viva Roe vs Wade

Deb said...

I read a cogent comment recently; The GOP want a government small enough to fit in a woman's vagina.

They want to get government out of everything else, but certainly want a hand in (no pun intended) controlling women. And exactly how is this different from the Taliban, whose women can't see a doctor, receive no health care, can't protect themselves from bearing a child conceived of rape or forced incest?
Welcome to the 13th century!

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