Monday, April 30, 2012


My grandson is gurgling in the next room as I write, this early morning.  It's a wonderful sound--though I suspect it might soon turn to protest, once he gets bored with his mobiles, and with testing out his limbs against the air.  In a few days he will be six months old, and it's an amazing thing to watch how change and grow.  Most remarkable of all is to see the human brain in the learning process, because it is easily observable in the way he pays attention to the world around him and responds to it.  He has virtually no control over any of it, so he can do little but absorb it all through his watchful eyes.  He has certainly discovered how to make his needs known, and is not reticent to use the magnificent power of his lungs to get the attention of the strange giants that hover solicitously around him.

I learn along with him, that's the joy of it.  I say, not jokingly, that Luka is a wonderful teacher--though, as is the case with all good teachers, his teaching is not always easy or welcome.  He requires more patience than I sometimes have, and demands an expenditure of physical and emotional energy that can be exhausting to one somewhat more advanced in years than he. His own energy is relentless, expressed in a body that's in constant movement.  It's a strong body, too.  His grip grows more powerful daily, and I notice that he is constantly putting his leg muscles to the test, thrusting upward in the attempt to stand.  He still requires a little propping up to sit, but it won't be long before he can do it by himself.

It won't be long, I know, before he's crawling about and getting into everything he shouldn't.  Better enjoy the moment when he can be relied upon to be in one place!

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CHI SPHERE said...

We began moving everything below 36 inches when our first boy 6 months old. It took awhile so we were glad we started early. We discovered that at 12 months
climbing began and the word no gained value. However the word no is a two edged word for they used it almost as much as we did. There is no way to contain boys after 16 months with language. Get out the first aid kit and be thankful that his bones are very flexible unlike ours.