Thursday, April 19, 2012


Our little grandson Luka must have rolled out of bed the wrong side yesterday. It was his Wednesday with Grandma and Grandpa, and he was not too pleased with the arrangement. Maybe it was the shot he was so rudely given on Monday that left him in a bad mood. Maybe it was the two first teeth that are making an appearance through his lower gums. Maybe he had been listening to the news on television. No matter the cause, he grumbled all day, start to finish, and made no secret of his discontent. Maybe, as a neighbor concluded when he bawled at her from his stroller, it was just "one of those days."

Here he is at one of his better moments:

Pensive, might the word. Awaiting the arrival of the next storm. He seemed happy enough when his mom arrived, after work, to pick him up.

Ah, yes, the news. The scandals. The secret service prostitute payment scandal. The GSA Las Vegas scandal. The pictures of grinning US service men, mugging for the camera with Taliban body parts--pictures deemed of vital newsworthiness by the Los Angeles Times. Oh, and that scandalous slap-in-the-face to American motherhood on the part of a "Democratic strategist." Will it never end? And Romney rebounds, while the President's numbers slide. Obama is held accountable for all disasters, foreign and domestic; and credited for none of his successes. If I were him, I'd be bawling all day like little Luka.

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CHI SPHERE said...

Abu Ghraib was not W's fault anymore than the atrocities in the war theater are today or the absurdity of SS individuals in Columbia. We are independently responsible for our own choices whom ever we are. Obama is not our daddy and Rush Limbaugh is not the voice of the GOP. Scandals at high levels do suggest that "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." This is John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton's quote which is often misquoted.
I think that Obama has a tough hide made thicker since he took office. The individuals in Columbia are representative of a class of soldiers that confound our expectations of them when we train them to commit covert acts to gain knowledge. It seems very strange to learn that they were unable to
share information about paying their prostitutes and keep it on the down low. Why anyone with such power and training would throw it away for a night and day of temporary pleasure is beyond me! I hope they get sacked deep and wide.