Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have been in something of a snit in recent days. It's partly what's happening in this country and the world, which seems to me almost beyond belief; partly what's happening inside, where I struggle with a sense of anger and despair. As a consequence, I start making negative judgments about myself and the "work" I do, and end up feeling might sorry for myself.

Anyway, on the political front: with the Republican party now seemingly settled on Mitt Romney's candidacy, I'm plagued with that persistent feeling that I should be doing something. At the very least, I could begin paying more attention to my Vote Obama 2012 blog in the coming days.

Please take a moment to click over there for today's entry. And please, too, consider helping me with that blog. I'd welcome other voices. To make things easy to start out with, you could email me (PeterClothier@mac.com) with thoughts for posting, and I would take care of the actual post, with attribution. From there, we might work into an arrangement for a few co-bloggers with access to the site. I want to do everything I possibly can to avoid the return of a Republican to the White House; and I hope you share that fervent intention with me.

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