Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's a lazy man's entry today.  If you're up for a clear-sighted analysis of the Romney approach to our economic woes, please take a look at this article by Richard (RJ) Eskow at the Huffington Post.  It's a response to a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times by the conservative columnist David Brooks, who tries to sell us on what he calls Romney's "modern capitalism." Code words, perhaps, for grand larceny by the super-rich.  Eskow's response is a useful read.

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CHI SPHERE said...

Good article Peter. I especially enjoyed Eskow's comparison of Merriam-Websters long standing definition and todays standards of "Modern Capitalism" as practiced by the Bain Capitalist Romney. His adamant refusal to share his taxes is a slap in the face of all tax payers. His reliance on loop holes and tax shelters further diminishes his artificial persona. It is so like the DUBYA's "sidelong pickerel smile" that used to make me shudder in disgust when he said things like "I'm the decider" and "were gonna smoke um out!".

If, as Eskow requests, Romney ever shows us the real Romney, don't hold your breath, then it will be simple as apple pie to decide what to believe. For now we will have to put up with him sucking up to what ever constituency he needs to co-opt at the moment. Presidents should not be chameleons and posers!