Friday, August 31, 2012

A REQUEST: the POD experience

It seems like I can't stay away for too long.  I can report that "Slow Looking" is finished in a complete draft--not final until edited to get rid of typos and other infelicities, but I did read it through at one sitting and left feeling pleased with the result.  I'm thinking, this time, of taking the publish-on-demand (POD) route.  From what I understand, it's fast and relatively inexpensive, and I want to have copies in hand for the coming season's "One Hour/One Painting" sessions.

So here's a request to all TBD readers: if you have any experience with Lulu, Createspace, or any other POD site, I'd be truly grateful for any thoughts or recommendations you might have. What are the benefits? What are the potential pitfalls to watch out for?  

If you have any insights on the topic, please write me directly at peter

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