Monday, September 3, 2012


Please, today, take a moment to consider my Labor Day thoughts at Vote Obama 2012.  Have a great holiday, and please join me in sending metta to workers without work, the many workers who are overworked and underpaid, and to all those less fortunate than ourselves.  Also, of course, metta to those whose policies and rhetoric are inimical to the interests of the less fortunate.  Should they, along with us, learn the benefits of generosity and compassion, we shall all be better off.

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CHI SPHERE said...

The word inimical stopped since I've not seen it in print for some time. It is a polite word for abusive or malevolent behavior we too often read during political campaigns such as the current one. Obstructionist behavior is the mud that clogs the wheels of progress.
Hoping that those who are hostile will see the light of reason somehow is a far reach for those who may not have the capacity to see beyond their own agenda.
Could Rush, Rove or a Koch brother make this conversion? I have to admit I'll need to dig deep to overcome my desire to use hostile terms during my rants.