Friday, November 9, 2012


Another delightful "One Hour/One Painting" session last night at the Museum of Art and History up in Lancaster, California.  The museum is brand new, with numerous gallery spaces, both grand and intimate--a great asset to the city and its residents.  A good crowd turned up for the event, which was enthusiastically received.  We sat with a "cyanotype" by Jennifer Glass...

... the one on the left in this photo pirated (with apologies!) from the museum's website site.  These images, as the site informs visitors, are "created through the deceptively basic method of light exposure and chemical preparation on fabrics.  Vintage gowns from [the artist's] own collection were used to create life-size imprints on the chemically treated canvas." Not exactly a painting, then, but they certainly have that presence.  And the image provided us with a rich object for the contemplative gaze.  Thanks to Andi Campognone and her museum staff for the warm reception and for joining in with the experience.

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