Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I remember when 1984 seemed unimaginably far in the future.  Now it's very nearly thirty years in the past.  Ronald Reagan was President.  At the time he seemed to me to be the arch conservative.  Looking back from today's perspective, he looks like a bleeding heart liberal.  I tell you, friends, I feel like some relic from a distant past when human beings could still entertain the hope of creating a more human world--a world in which the benefits of modern civilization could be shared by all those who cared to enjoy them.

Today I ponder this question: am I a dinosaur?  Or am I, with my glimmering perception of a great paradigm shift, a vast movement forward into a more expansive human consciousness, on the cusp of a new era?  It seems to me that our species must either face extinction like the dinosaurs--though, unlike the dinosaurs, by our own collective choice--or find its way to greater wisdom and mutual compassion.

Which will it be?  I have no way of knowing.  Nor will I likely live long enough to find out.  But the outcome might well be decided while my grandchildren still live.  My generation, I fear, has done much to sully the nest in which we hatched these fledglings.  May they inherit the better part of our humanity, the generous spirit, along with the will and the wisdom to change our course.

Happy New Year, friends!  And metta to all, the rich and the poor, the wise and the ignorant, the generous and the mean-spirited, the loving and those filled with greed and hate.  May they all find true happiness in their lives; for if they do, the world will surely be a better place.


Richard said...

Happy New Year Peter!

I too am viewing the future with a sense of disquiet. I think we will see some large changes in the coming year, I only hope we can take the positive path.

May we all have a 2013 that is free from suffering, free from hatred and intolerance, and blessed with love.

CHI SPHERE said...

I too believe that humankind may earn it's name in the next 50 years. I see the potential of the internet, computer, scientific progress and hear in this network the desire to overcome greedy and selfish behavior. When I listen to TED lectures where many answers are already present and available for application in everyday life I wonder why the corporate world does not step up and surpass the need to short change us all with unsustainable growth. In a world where less will always be more the choices for true growth are at hand. In the next year I hope they will becomes tools that are used for the slow walk toward enlightenment and peace.