Thursday, February 7, 2013


Dear Friends,

I am now not merely doubly nor triply nor even quadruply embarrassed, but I think I have discovered the cause of the glitch that has discouraged many people from ordering a copy of Slow Looking.  I did not realize before now that anyone clicking on my links to the ordering process were being asked to set up a Creatspace account and I understand that most people would not want to be bothered with this.  The easier course--and I will now be changing all my links to reflect this--is to go direct to and order there.  Go HERE for Slow Looking at  I hope that you have not been turned off the whole idea by our problems to date and that this will resolve many of them.  I think that you will find the book well worth the modest cost!

Hopefully this will put this issue finally to rest and that I will not have to embarrass myself by mentioning it again.

Metta to all.


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