Sunday, March 10, 2013


We're back in Los Angeles.  Strange to wake up here, in our familiar surroundings, with George snoring contentedly on our bed...

Just yesterday we woke three thousand miles away to a beautiful, sunny morning in New York.  Barely a trace of yesterday's snow blanket, but for a few dirty heaps of melting slush.  We packed our bags ready for a noon pick-up for the airport, then headed out for breakfast at the local restaurant.  A few blocks' stroll on Broadway, then back to the apartment to put the finishing touches on the packing.

I'll refrain from usual commentary about air travel.  The trip went relatively smoothly; we landed safely.  We found a taxi with no more than a couple of minutes wait.  We encountered little traffic on the freeways.  We opened the front door and were greeted with wild joy by George.  We unpacked, had a bowl of soup, and went to bed... remembering to set our clocks forward by an hour.

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