Thursday, April 25, 2013


I woke this morning with the strangest feeling: an urge to fight that somehow possessed my whole body, not as a thought but as an actual, physical sensation.  And not just a good old fight with words, but a fight of the kicking, punching, pummeling, wrestling variety, with some human body other than my own.  No identifiable target for my aggression, just the urge itself.

Well, I'm no pugilist, and this is not an urge that overtakes me frequently.  In fact, I can never remember having awoken to such a sensation in the past.  So I'm puzzled as to the cause.  Could I have been having some dream, forgotten on awakening, in which I was challenged by some unknown antagonist?  Could it have been my neglect, yesterday, of my normal exercise?  Could I be carrying some ancient instinct for violence in my body cells?  Curious...

Anyway, the neglect of my exercise yesterday is easily explained.  I was engrossed in a new writing project that has me fully engaged.  Have I mentioned it?  It's taking the shape of a full-fledged novel.  I have 160 pages written, and a full head of steam; and I have the whole arc of the story worked out.  My strategy is to first push ahead a little with the story every day and then, when the forward push is satisfied, to go back and flesh out what is already written.

Not sure, though, whether it will be fit for publication.  It's pretty scandalous.  Maybe that's the struggle that my body feels...

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