Monday, April 29, 2013

SLOW ART DAY: The Report

A fine session at Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach on Saturday afternoon.  A dozen people showed up, despite relatively little publicity, and we spent the hour with three works--two abstract paintings, one by Ed Moses, the other by Robert Sagerman; and one free-standing, abstract sculptural piece by Eric Zammitt.  I adapted my "One Hour/One Painting" method for the occasion, combining the ancient skills of meditation and contemplation; and mixing in a good deal of discussion along the way.  

Peter Blake, the gallery owner, was on hand, and had some useful insights/information to pass on about the artists and their work.  Also, it was a special pleasure to have Hedy Buzan, my colleague Slow Art Day host, on hand.  She had just done a session at Laguna Art Museum and, as an artist herself, had some extremely useful insights about paintings and the way they work.

Altogether, a very satisfying experience--and the response was enthusiastic.  Happy to have joined Slow Art Day for the first time this year.  I have been enjoying reports from all quarters of the world.

Congratulations all around!  I hope that word will spread, and that even more people will be joining in next year.  It has the benefit not only of "slow looking", but of spreading goodwill and peaceful intention throughout the world.

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