Tuesday, May 14, 2013


... and the family have departed in their various directions.  Today, we head back to Los Angeles to resume the pattern of our lives there.  Our quiet dead-end street in Laguna Beach is about to be ripped up for its entire length by the Water District--a six-week job that will take until the end of June.  A good time to be away, though we plan to spend some time down here again at the end of May.  I guess those plans might need to be revisited.

In the meantime... this is the first morning in a week and half that we've been able to enjoy our usual quiet cup of tea in bed.  A mixed blessing.  This is the time that little Luka makes his first appearance, with a big, joyful morning greeting.  To allow his Mom the luxury of an early run, we have been taking over baby duties until breakfast time--either taking him out for a spin on his brand new red tricycle, equipped with a push-bar at the back, since he's still too little to ride a trike; or playing with him in the garden, where he loves to water with the watering can or the hose.

My son was also visiting for a week from Iowa.  He's an enthusiastic walker, so I got a good workout several times, trying to keep up with his sturdy pace.  It was a pleasure to have the middle of three generations of Clothier guys join us, to make up a full threesome--as well as a sobering reminder of the passage of time, and of my own too rapidly advancing age!

I can't deny that I feel the burden of the years, tiring much more easily than I used to, and finding it harder to adapt to anything other than my usual routines.  Now that we're reduced to our normal complement of three--George, Ellie and myself--the cottage seems blessedly quiet.  But the blessing, as I noted earlier, is a mixed one.  We miss that squeal of delight when our grandson greets us in the morning.

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