Friday, June 7, 2013


The marine layer has us under thick cloud for most of the day here in Laguna Beach.  Ellie is a California girl, and suffers from the gloom.  Me.. well, it's like being back home in my native England.  I can take it.  We're hoping, though, that it lives up to its moniker, June Gloom, and that by the time we come down for the summer the weather will revert to our usual sunshine.  But who knows?

In any event, we have to admit that we're spoiled.  We read about the tornados and, currently, the first hurricane of the season on the East Coast, and feel silly complaining about a few clouds!  Aside from the weather, I have pretty much given up on reading or watching the news.  I'm not sure whether it's sheer frustration: most of the news simply makes me angry.  Or whether it's that the novel has my mind so engaged, I can't be bothered with the things that usually occupy me.  I don't think I'm missing much.

But it's the same with The Buddha Diaries.  Is it laziness?  Boredom?  Or that my head is taking me elsewhere at writing time?  Perhaps a bit of each.  There's an itch somewhere at the back of my mind that keeps telling me I "should" be paying attention to this old friend--and the friends of this old friend.  So here I am this morning, briefly, checking in to say hello.

Hello.  Thinking of you!  And sending metta!


robin andrea said...

We don't watch news on TV anymore. Can't do it. Wouldn't even know which station to watch, except we would never turn on FOX. Oy.

Heatwave here in the foothills. Supposed to break by Sunday. Air conditioning and shades drawn.

Doctor Noe said...

Stay the course, Peter! Don't worry about us.

Doctor Noe said...

Metta World Peace out!