Thursday, July 11, 2013


The Buddha Diaries has never been silent for so long.  I'm actually feeling good about the break, despite occasional twinges of conscience.  I watch the arising of those ought-to's, and find some sense of achievement in being able to let them go.

What's the future for this blog?  I'm honestly not sure.  For the moment, I'm holed up at our cottage in Laguna Beach and looking to finish the novel I've been working on.  Not sure how long that will take.  I have more than 300 pages written, and the shape of the whole thing is worked out.  Now it's a matter of working back into those pages and developing theme and character to their full potential.

Funny thing is, I'm still not sure it's going to work...  Which is okay.  I'm pushing at the edge of risk, and the risk is that the whole endeavor will turn out to be a bust.

Metta to me.  Metta to all!


robin andrea said...

Glad to see a post here. I wondered if you were busy writing. Much good luck with your latest adventure.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks for the kind thought, Robin; and for continuing to check in on The Buddha Diaries. Best to you both!