Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Memo to certain Republican Congresspersons:

Dr. Samuel Johnson, writing after visiting the poor in the 18th century: "I found some in their cell[ar]s underground, some in their attics, but I found not one of them unemployed who was able to crawl about the room.  So wickedly, devilishly false is that common objection, that they are poor only because they are idle."  (Italics mine.)

Are we no further along the path to the goal of equality for all men and women than we were at the time of this nation's founding?  What would our founding fathers think of us today?

And, incidentally, is it not a profoundly sad comment, that the one time that Republican leaders find it in their hearts (and minds?) to support an initiative of President Obama, in now nearly six years since he took office, is when he deems it necessary to go to war?


Anonymous said...

excellent point

CHI SPHERE said...

Here's wishing Obama a clear path towards assisting the refugees who have fled their homeland to the Jordanian border. I truly believe that our tax dollars could provide desperately needed support for the growing population living in the desert under harsh conditions. Sweden embraces this idea and shared this with Obama yesterday. Putin has pulled back a bit. We can do more for Syria by feeding the refugees than punishing the population still living in the cities.

The collateral damage cruise missiles would cause if Obama authorized a strike would destroy lives and give Assad a reason to strike back at his neighbors in Israel, Turkey and elsewhere. Israel has a powerful arsenal of missiles and it would strike Syria with us or in retaliation if Syria deployed arms against them.

Assad is a madman and it is possible that someone within his trusted circle will take his life soon. All forms of death are cruel and certainly chemical ordinance is the most horrible.

Like you I find Republican support for war an insincere ploy to strike a blow to both Syria and Obama's support at home.

Alas sums it up quite well.