Thursday, November 14, 2013


So there he was, if your recall, my grandson, peacefully sleeping on my shoulder...  He slept for an hour and woke up hot and cranky, obviously with a fever and not feeling at all well, but without the language to tell us what the problem was.  Next thing, he was projectile-vomiting all over me, and screaming bloody murder.  Which would have been okay, except that he soon went off into a lethargic swoon, eyes rolling back in his head and refusing to respond.  To say we were alarmed is an understatement.  We called Mom at work, worried that we might need to take him off to the nearest emergency clinic.  Our daughter hurried back from work, and we soon decided that, though showing improvement, Luka had to see a doctor.  The rest of the afternoon spent trying to keep him calm as we drove him to a "rapid care" center in Glendale, where the only pediatric doctor was just going off duty.  Kindly, she spared enough time for a quick examination and some reassuring words for anxious Mom and grandparents.  The virus he's contracted, she explained, is simply exhausting him.  He needs rest, and liquids.  She prescribed Popsicles!

The nearest pediatric emergency, we were told, was in Encino, and we decided to spare him--and ourselves--the long drive out there for a full examination.  Instead, a quick stop at the nearby market to buy the necessities, and Luka and his Mom went off home.  Anxious calls and progress reports throughout the evening, with a final call at nine-ish to say that he was awake and eating a half banana.  Good news!  This morning's report: they had a restless night.  Luka seems to be doing a bit better, but will certainly need a proper medical exam today.

Little kids do easily contract whatever bugs are going around, I know, and it can be hard on their little bodies.  But they are very resilient, and can get over things more easily than adults.  I'm hoping little Luka will slough this off and get back to his normal little two-year-old self in short order.  As for us, we find it hard to take such things with equanimity.  We love so deeply, care so much that we are speedily swept up in the drama of the moment.  Once the protective instinct is engaged, there's no stopping it; it takes over, and we bring upon ourselves the suffering of acute anxiety.  Hard, in such a circumstance, to keep the cool head that is really needed, rather than the panic into which we allow ourselves so readily to be dragged.

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