Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Well, somewhat new.  I hope the links at the top are a little more visible and inviting now.  The "Buddhist Connections" now lead to a number of the Buddhist blogs that were in the blogroll before, and the blogroll itself is much abbreviated for this reason--and also because we have cleared out a few blogs that were defunct.  The order of things in the right-hand sidebar has been changed, in the interests, I hope, of clarity and priority.  If you find any glitches or inconsistencies, I'd love to hear from you.

This goes along with a major effort to clean out my office space, which had become so cluttered I'd begun to avoid going in there--choosing, instead, to take a laptop to some other part of the house!  Too many old files, to much old computer stuff that I'd not thrown out for fear of losing something important, too many books, too many unused office supplies, much too much of everything.  With Maggie's help, I have slowly been creating space and hope, by the new year, to have an office with room for breath and new invention.  There's still a ways to go, but we're getting there.

It seems that Ellie, in her office upstairs, is moved by the same uncluttering spirit.  It's a small house.  We moved here from a much larger one and, this past year, gave up the commercial storage space we had been renting.  It's the garage, now, that has become the repository of decades of family papers, photographs, books, memorabilia, all stashed in boxes I doubt will ever be opened.  What's to be done with all this stuff?

There's a good lesson here, I know--a familiar one to all those who can't bear to get rid of the things that we accumulate alone the way.   All this stuff is a reflection of, and on, the clutter in the mind.  If I were a better Buddhist, I would have chucked it all long ago!

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