Monday, May 19, 2014


Well, I left home last Thursday for a long weekend and opened my laptop Friday morning in Laguna  to make an entry in The Buddha Diaries, only to discover that it was out of juice.  Then I realized that I had left the charger back in Los Angeles.  So, no entry.  No entry for the weekend.  We had Ellie's I-Pad with us, but I can't get used to typing on the flat glass screen--just doesn't feel right to me.  So The Buddha Diaries was neglected for the entire weekend.  And here I am, back on Monday morning, reflecting on the consequences of forgetfulness.

Not that they were too serious this time.  A weekend of missed entries in The Buddha Diaries will not make great ripples in the world.  I suffered from occasional pangs of separation anxiety, but decided that it was good practice NOT to write for a few days.  Even so, that momentary slip of attention in what was a familiar, habitual practice--packing up for the beach--reminds me of the importance of mindfulness in the simplest aspects of my life.  I forget easily these days.  In part, I'm sure, it has to do with age.  My long-term memory is as sharp as ever, but I often find it impossible to remember the movie that I saw the night before.  Or, obviously, where I put my glasses.

Age is one explanation.  Distraction is another, and that's just a matter of allowing the mind to wander off to some irrelevant place in the past or future and forget to pay attention to what's happening right now.  I can't do much about age, but at least I can remind myself to be sufficiently present in the moment to put my laptop charger in my bag with the computer.

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