Saturday, July 19, 2014


... what you think of your "strong" man now?  The one to whom you were pleased to--unfavorably--compare our President Obama just a short while ago?  The one who demonstrated his "strength" by equipping a rag-tag bunch of Ukrainian dissidents with the firepower to bring down a civilian airliner from 33,000 feet, raining human bodies from the sky?  And now your primary spokesman, Senator John McCain, has the temerity to call the president a "coward"?

My personal view is that we are far better off with a man who values human life and acts with forethought and deliberation.  Beside the intemperate and ruthless Russian president--talk about "tyrants"!--Obama looks like a tower of strength and stability.  He's more valuable to this world than a thousand Putins.  His sanity, circumspection and restraint are beacons of moral strength amidst the turmoil that has so much of the planet in its grip.

Sooner or later, before we all kill each other, our species will need to learn that Obama's way is the only path to our common survival.  It is not shoot-from-the-hip displays of "strength" we need, but consciousness.  Which implies deliberation, the ability to understand other views, compromise, generosity, compassion...  Which is, not coincidentally in my view, the way of the dharma.  Therein lies strength.

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