Thursday, October 30, 2014


Oh, no!  I started another blog!  Like my new book, it's called "The Pilgrim's Staff", and it describes itself as "A Blog About Men."  I have made a few entries already, and will be doing more.  Today's is titled LOST MAN, and it's a reflection on the Denver Broncos fan who left the game at half-time and wandered off for a week before being "found" again in a Kmart parking lot a hundred miles away.  A fascinating story.

I feel at home writing about men.  I am one, of course.  I was also deeply involved in "men's work" for more than twenty years.  I staffed men's weekends, listened to men's stories, learned to like them.  Masculinity fascinates me, because we men understand so little about it, sometimes fear it in ourselves, and often misuse it.  "The Pilgrim's Staff" is obviously about men.  I enjoyed writing it, and discovered a lot about myself along the way--which is after all the reason that I write.

It's not only men who are interested in men, of course.  I'm almost tempted to say that women are more interested in men than men are.  We all struggle to understand the opposite sex.  We're different in so many ways.  Women have worked hard in the past half century to understand more completely who they are, and to establish their equality in a society that has traditionally favored men.  In my opinion, we men have some catch-up work to do in terms of consciousness about who we are and how we can best live our lives.  So there's much to talk about.

If you're interested, please check out the blog.  And please pass on the link.  I'd appreciate that.

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