Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Exciting news.  Tomorrow I will have an actual copy of The Pilgrim's Staff in hand--a proof copy from CreateSpace.  I should probably read thought the whole thing again, but I probably won't.  I have read through it now so many times, my eyes glaze over at the sight of the text.  I might try to impose on Ellie to read it through.  But she's busy, she may not have the time.

Then, when the proof is read, I can order multiple copies.  My first job, usually, is to get them out in the mail to close friends and family.  This time, though, I'm going to have to ask them to order copies for themselves, partly to get the ball rolling, partly because they are bigger, more expensive books than my other three most recent publications--more expensive to buy, more expensive to mail.  I don't want to be cheap, but there are a lot of close friends and relatives.

As for my friends on The Buddha Diaries, I'm going to ask you, too, to order either an ebook or a hard copy through Amazon.  Not quite yet, though.  I'll give the word, and a link.  I hope some few of you might help to get the Staff out on its pilgrimage.


kfsartist said...


Should I bad pun by commenting that I look forward to having Staff in hand?

PeterAtLarge said...

Ha, Karen! Thanks for the note--and the clever pun!