Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Waking in New York City to the ceaseless, oceanic roar of traffic, the aggressive and impatient blare of horns, the rumble and throb of heavy vehicles, the familiar energy of the city...  and working, with the breath, in meditation, to reconcile it with my own, much quieter energy.  The small self feels much smaller here, in the massive scale of the buildings, each with its own restless cargo of human beings, the scurrying, elbow-to-elbow stream of human bodies on the sidewalks, the crowded museums, theaters, restaurants, department stores.  

I always find New York to be at once humbling and exhilarating.  This morning, with Ellie still sleeping, I find myself infected with the impatience of the city, ready to get up, take the elevator down (we're on the ninth floor, which in itself feels strange to us flat city dwellers!) and step out of the hotel to join the throng, and find a Starbucks and a New York Times.  There's much we want to do today...

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