Monday, November 3, 2014


Are the Republicans to be rewarded, tomorrow, as everyone seems to think, for six years of obdurate opposition and negativity?  So far as I can tell, they have no agenda at home except further tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and further cuts in spending for the poor and the disenfranchised.  Indeed, the majority of their efforts of late have gone into the noble task of further disenfranchising the already disenfranchised.  Their global policy, it seems to me, is either arrogant isolationism or, when provoked, aggressive intervention.  And that includes what is surely the most urgent issue of all--that of climate change.

As for the Democrats, I have no great admiration for them either.  Their desertion of a President who has made a significant contribution on many fronts--not least his Affordable Health Care Act--is nothing short of disgraceful.  And dangerous.  Remember Al Gore, who ran from the Bill Clinton record.  But at least I know what they stand for: universal health care, amongst other things.  And sensible regulation of the financial industry.  And a more equitable distribution of wealth.  And better education for all.  And government spending on infrastructure, resulting in significant job creation.  And fairness, equal treatment in the courts of law, equal rights for all Americans.

It's a wonder to me that Republicans have been so successful in distorting the record of the past six years, smearing the President and belittling his achievements.  But I guess it all comes down to money--the money spent on advertising campaigns--and the gullibility of those who watch television without thinking for themselves.

I dislike that I receive a hundred emails a day from various Democratic sources, begging for money.  I dislike the tone of the emails, most of them implying that the problem is my failure to provide sufficient funds.  Still, I do understand the necessity.  I just wish it wasn't so.  From the Supreme Court down, we seem to have sold our democracy to the monied interests.  If the Republicans gain as much tomorrow as everybody seems to think, it will be no cause for the jubilation I expect from them.  It will be further cause for sadness at the state of things in a country of great privilege, which should know better.


kfsartist said...

I am clinging to the hope that if they win a majority there will be some unintended consequences for them in the future that will right our
ship again.
That thought will get me through part of the day anyway. Breathe

PeterAtLarge said...

Strong agreement from both Ellie and myself. Breathe, indeed, through Election Day!