Wednesday, April 8, 2015


If Senator Rand Paul truly had the courage of his convictions, he would be standing firm with President Obama on the negotiations with Iran.  He has proclaimed publicly his belief that, in Churchill's words, "jaw-jaw is always better than war-war."  And yet he co-signed the letter addressed by Republican senators to Iran's leader in the bald attempt to scuttle the work of the Obama team.  And now, as a candidate for the presidency, instead of standing by his professed beliefs, he cowers, for political reasons, behind his party's hawks.  Let him stand up and be counted.

It's a sad thing to note that implacable Republican hostility to this President persists, despite the fact that he is approaching the end of his political career.  Their opposition is not based on reasoned argument or even principle, which is subject to change depending in the circumstance.  It is personal. They object to anything he says or does, even if they previously agreed with his position, for no better reason than that he is Obama.  When it comes to grave issues like war and peace--and the discussion that can lead to the difference between the two--this is truly shameful.  Even though I disagree with him on virtually everything, I would be able to summon some respect for Senator Paul if stood by his professed principles.  As it is, no matter what he claims, he's just another political opportunist.

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