Monday, May 25, 2015


Today is the 46th anniversary of the day that Ellie and I met.  It's a good long while.  We have been fortunate with each other.  And today we are both laid up, brought down by what I think is mostly sheer exhaustion.  Speaking for myself, I plan to spend the rest of the day pretty much where I am: in bed.

It was good to be back with our Laguna Beach sangha yesterday--a blessing to feel the love and support of those with whom I have sat for a silent hour for many, many Sundays, and whose collective wisdom and compassion has been the source of great comfort--as it was, particularly, yesterday.

If you've been following The Buddha Diaries for the past few entries, you'll remember the last teaching of my sister, before she died last Friday: the importance of a spiritual community. This is mine, and I'm grateful for having discovered this "refuge" more than twenty years ago.  I have been less regular in attendance since Luka's birth, because we have been staying in town more often at the weekends.  But it remains my spiritual home.

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