Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Yesterday's perception was a useful and I think an accurate one, and I left it hanging, thinking to return for some further contemplation in order to reach a better understanding of its origins and effects.

Today, I came to what I think is the wiser follow-up perception: do nothing.  Accept the perception for what it's worth, recognize the validity of the experience--and let it go.  There's nothing I can do to change what's past, and I have done enough inner work to understand how some of the early wounds remained unhealed through much of my adult life, determining the course of some events.  There's nothing to be gained in going over them again.  So it's better simply to say thanks to the perception for popping up uninvited, and let it go.

And go it will.  As everything does--thoughts, feelings, physical sensations...  They all come and go.  There's no benefit at this time in my life in holding on to them, nursing them, examining them, trying to understand or heal them.  Just watch them come and watch them go, with awareness, yes, but without interfering to stop them in their passage.

So.... Poof!  It's gone.  This morning, in my meditation, I sat and did nothing.  No program, no method, no purpose, no issue to resolve.  Just sat and watched who came to visit.  Welcomed them all, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and let them go their way.  The time went fast.

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