Wednesday, August 5, 2015


An insight, on reading a chapter in Ken McLeod's as yet unpublished new book on dzogchen, A Trackless Path:

If I persist in trying to live my life in conformity with what I imagine to be the expectations others, I risk creating within the heart a blockage of resentment and anger towards others that creates, in turn, a toxin that courses through my arteries and returns to my heart through the veins, adding to the blockage.  Sooner or later, my own heart will attack me.

I've been reflecting on my curious inability, despite conscious effort, to lose the excess weight I have accumulated with age...  Reading into Ken's words, I realize that I need to address my inability to rest.  "In dzogchen," he writes, "resting is, if anything, more important [than no distraction] and an inability to rest is even more of a problem."

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