Monday, August 31, 2015



In one dream
it was Doctor
Herzberg, my
dentist from
many years back
who was drilling
my teeth, only
as it turned out
it was not this
Doctor Herzberg,
it was this Doctor
Herzberg's daughter,
a real sadist who
was drilling; she
was scolding me
at the same time
for my intolerance
for the acute pain
she took pleasure
in inflicting.  Then
in this other dream
it was an infestation
of cockroaches.
So, not a nice
night for dreams.

1 comment:

kfsartist said...

Great descriptive, poetic embracing approach to your dreams.

I have been having slightly tormented morning dreams with sticky imagery. Most of my dreams come and go away. These latest ones linger.
For me, I think they are coming up because of my travel anxieties. Your approach and sharing of this subject/event is somehow helpful.