Wednesday, September 9, 2015



What do we know
of donkeys? We know,

of course, they're
kind of adorable

with their big, brown,
sorrowful eyes, their long

ears, their soft, shaggy
coat.  We know

they carry our stuff
around for us,

on their soft backs,
patiently, and without

obvious complaint.
I learned today

that the good Saint
Francis of Assisi,

lover of our brothers
and sisters in the animal

world, called his body
Brother Donkey.

Which feels right to me.

My own Brother
Donkey is usually

patient enough
with me, though

he does show signs
of the wear and tear

of age.  He does get
weary, yes, and a little

creaky at the joints.
But I'm grateful

that he continues
faithfully to carry

me around with him,
for the most part

patiently, for the most part
without obvious complaint.

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