Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It was gratifying to watch an adult discussion last night in the first Democratic presidential debate.  By comparison, the Republicans look like a kindergarten class of spoiled brats, squabbling and fighting over the possession of toys.  While not avoiding conflict, the Democratic candidates stuck to substance, and took the trouble to discuss the various topics in as much depth as time--and the moderator--would allow.  Bravo to the whole lot of them.  In my opinion, Hillary Clinton came off best, with Bernie Sanders close behind.  His tone, I thought, was a little off--irritable, opinionated--and his range seemed pretty much limited to the single theme that he returned to constantly.  Hillary was at ease with a wide range of topics, smart and knowledgeable, and showed she was capable of as much passion as was Bernie.  And, indeed, more capable of self-deprecating wit.  Those who claim to find her robotic, humorless, aloof will surely have found something more appealing in her debate performance.

My personal leaning, thus far in the process: from the heart, BS (I love his revolutionary zeal); from the head, RHC.  But the whole quintet put the Republican horde to shame.

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