Thursday, October 29, 2015


Listening to the Republican debate last night--well, to be honest, a part of it. I lacked the patience or the tolerance for more--I swear I did not hear a single new, original idea.  What I heard was countless iterations of the same old themes, policies that have proved worse than useless, now, for several decades.

Instead, what I heard was blame.  They blamed the President and Hillary, the Democrats, Congress, the Federal Reserve.  They blamed the immigrants, the poor, the rich.  Government regulations.  Each other.  Most of all, to repeated cheers from the audience, they blamed the debate moderators and the "mainstream media."  They blamed, it seemed, everyone but themselves--who, in my view, bear the large part of the blame.

If these folk want so much to "make this country great again," they must get out of the blame game and come up with some new ideas.  Something other than that wall...

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