Thursday, November 26, 2015


Here's a sad acknowledgment, crystallized into an insight at some moment during this morning's meditation: as a young man--and, in truth, through much of my life, I knew only how to stimulate and satisfy myself; and did not realize, then, how shallow that satisfaction was.

I suspect this is true of most young men.

I wonder if it might be true of men at large, no matter their age?

Which may sound trite, but I have always believe'd that sex is the hidden engine that drives all of our lives. I'm convinced that it exercises a profound, if often unacknowledged effect on every other aspect of human life, including the larger and apparently unrelated ones; today, perhaps, on the many crises we are experiencing throughout the world.

We men should consider ourselves, as a gender, fortunate, that women have been learning to reject our "protective" care, to take care of themselves, and to demand their needs be met.

Together, with consciousness, mutual understanding--and with love--we might yet save the planet. And that would be something to be thankful for, this Thanksgiving Day.

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