Friday, February 12, 2016


I've been attacked by a bug of some kind--cold or flu--and have spent the past three days trying to fight it off. Towards the afternoon yesterday, I began to feel almost human again; but then it hit me in the evening. This morning, I'm hoping for a better day. It's humbling to be laid up like this, deprived of the body's usual energy and forced to surrender helplessly to the symptoms. A good teaching, though, if I can bring myself to watch it rather than suffer from it... This, along with the lingering cluster headaches and the diagnosis of two cancerous skin blemishes that will require surgery, is yet another reminder of the body's vulnerability. Oh, and I still await the result of a chest CT scan--as a former smoker, I have reason to be concerned.


robin andrea said...

So sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope the cold/flu bug moves on quickly and all the other tests and surgeries in the future go well. About those cluster headaches, many years ago I worked at the California Medical Clinic for Headaches. My mother was the office administrator there for more than a decade. It was run by Lee Kudrow (yes, Lisa Kudrow's father). He retired quite a while ago, but his son (whose name I cannot remember) took on the practice and works with patients suffering long-term headache problems. He is in southern California, maybe the San Fernando Valley. I remember that cluster headaches are pretty painful events, and I hope that you have found some relief.

Anonymous said...

be well, get healthy

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your cluster headaches Peter. I remember Fodder having them... Extremely painful!
Also concerned about the other tests your waiting for. Sending you lots of love from over here.
Your niece, Charlotte