Wednesday, March 9, 2016


After last night's election results, with Hillary crushing her opponent in Mississippi and Bernie winning an astounding upset in Michigan, I'm still split in my thinking about the Democratic presidential campaign.

As I've said before, heart's with Bernie, head's with Hillary. Some goof friends have responded: go with your heart! And that's my preference.

But as of now it looks like Trump will trump the other (equally awful) choices for the Republican nominee, and the prospect of a Trump victory is, to me, intolerable.

Can a shaggy, 74 year-old socialist Jew defeat this monster?

Also to consider: Hillary's considerable baggage. Yes, as she reiterates on every possible occasion, she's a proven fighter. The fact that she's still so prominently in the ring is proof of her incredible resilience. I admire that in her.

But... also proven: the Republican hate and smear machine is merciless and unrelenting. She's the perfect target.

The Buddha cautions us against attachment to outcomes. I try to put that teaching into practice, but when the future of the planet is literally at stake, I find it hard.

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robin andrea said...

This post sounds exactly the conversation I have with myself, with Roger, with my siblings and my mother all the time. This is a very tough, conflicted, challenging election year.