Friday, April 22, 2016


Well, Georgie has left us. He has made that journey we all must take into the Great Mystery--or what my late sister called the Next Great Adventure. I myself choose not to speculate about the nature of that mystery, but I do know that this morning's act of love released him from any further suffering.

We had been hoping to help him last out until we could take him to his own vet in Laguna Beach when we go down there tomorrow. Yesterday, though, there was a steep decline, and by evening time it was clear he would need help sooner; we even made some effort to find someone to come to our home before bedtime.

That didn't work.  So we went to bed and made him as comfortable as possible. For some time, he lay quietly on the bed without moving, but around 2AM he stirred and gave his usual signals about needing to go out for a pee. I was up in a flash, but even that was too late. He had managed to slip out of the diaper he has been wearing at night, and had wet himself, the bed, and me...

I took him out to the garden and dried us off as best I could, then brought him back to bed with an empty bladder. He was soon asleep again, and snoring. I was not so lucky. As is his habit, he took more than his share of my side of the bed, leaving me uncovered, shivering, and tormented by thoughts about the morning. At 5:30, I picked him up from the bed and brought him to meditate with me for a half hour. He was remarkably peaceful, but remained quite limp and listless in my arms.

It seemed like an interminable wait until 7AM, when I could call the local vet. Since George's regular vet is in Laguna, we're not known to a clinic up here in LA--and the one I called said they couldn't take him until the afternoon. They did, however, give me a list of people to call, and a few calls later I found someone who would come around right away.

Well, as you can imagine, there was a lot of weeping as we waited; and a lot more as we welcomed the kindly vet who sat and chatted for a while before giving George the two injections needed, first to relax him, then to stop the heart. He died very peacefully in my arms, out on the deck, overlooking the garden where he loved to play.

There's more weeping to be done. We will miss our George sorely in the days to come. But it was clear that the time had come for him to leave us and along with the pain and sadness, there are the beginnings of a sense of healing and release.

Our thanks to those of you who have followed this saga and sent kind messages. It has meant a lot to us, to know that there is so much human compassion out there in a world where we sometimes doubt its continuing presence. We send our love and thanks to all our good friends. And George's great spirit surely will live on, if only in our hearts.


robin andrea said...

You gave George the gift of love and the ultimate act of kindness. My deepest condolences to you and Ellie.

Judie said...

My heart is breaking for you. It's so hard to lose a beloved pet. Know that you are in my thoughts today. Sending love and condolences.

Sarah Stone Cleared Art said...

I have closely sat with two dear dog friends as they passed. At the moment when they were no longer "here" I felt a distinct...something... passing by, a wisp of energy that went up and out. Call me crazy, but I did feel it, and that gives me a feeling of optimism. Changing, not ceasing. Love to you both.

Richard said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss Peter. At least you were able to be there for George and to say goodbye, at the end he was with those who loved him best. I lost a dear feline friend about a year ago and was hit very hard by her departure. In her case it was a very sudden thing, but I am comforted that I was able to say goodbye and hold her as she passed.

I found it best to try to do something in remembrance of her; which was a small service with a friend in a virtual world and the building of a memorial. I'm sending my thoughts and best wishes to you both.

Carol Es said...

I'm so sorry about little George. I surely know what it's like, what you're going through, and my heart and mind is with you and Ellie. Love you both.