Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The word keeps returning to the lips of the soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Every reversal, to him, is "unfair." Every judgment, every criticism, every disagreement. It's all "unfair."

Poor Donald! Did no one ever remind him of that old saw--the one that most of us have had to learn through sometimes grim experience: "Life's not fair"?

To the contrary, in his case, let's be fair: life has been more than fair to him.

It's a familiar schoolyard whine. We tolerate it from the mouths of kindergarteners, though usually with a measure of exasperation. From a man with aspirations to position and power? To say the least, it's undignified.

But I suspect that dignity is something Trump cares little about. Along with elegance, tact, equanimity, open-mindedness, justice for others than himself... and a good few other values that I hold important.

I've written off Trump as a hopeless narcissist. But what of the rest of his Republican supporters, especially those in high positions who continue to endorse him?

Feckless? Would that be the word? (My dictionary says "lack of initiative or strength of character; seems about right...)

Still, let's remember the Buddhist principle of "right speech," and refrain from maligning anyone. Let's send goodwill their way instead. That'll larn 'em.

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