Thursday, December 22, 2016


I have recently been visited by a feeling which until now has been blessedly unfamiliar to me and this morning, in bed, in a state of quasi meditation, I heard its name: despair. I know there are reasons enough in the world out there, today, to account for this feeling. There are reasons enough in this country of plenty. There is Tr*mp. There is the potently toxic brew of ignorance, disillusionment and anger that got him elected.  But I refuse to allow such a man to have power over my life and, besides, I happen to believe that no amount of explanatory analysis helps. It does nothing to alleviate the feeling, and only succeeds in bringing me back, uselessly, to my head--a place where I have already spent too much of my life. No. The answer, if answer it be, is what I know in heart and mind to be true. I wrote it only yesterday in this very blog: to do nothing. To live fully in the experience of the feeling, with all its discomfort and pain, and allow it finally to go the way of all other feelings, the way of the clouds, and be replaced by whatever comes next.

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