Sunday, December 31, 2017


I had three dreams last night.

After the first dream I woke in a frenzy of exhaustion having lost two laptop computers and searching for them in utter desperation. I still hadn't found them when I woke.

The second dream I don't remember. I remembered it vividly when I awoke, but forgot it after trying so hard to remember the third dream.

In the third dream I am trying to persuade former President do a men's training weekend with me. He is a friend. He is still president. We are in Paris. I am lecturing him about the defaults of his character, his rashness, his lack of self-control with women; but I also praise his power. He is a powerful man, I tell him--and not only politically. He is a powerfully-built man. I can tell by testing his biceps.

Well, we are in Paris, as I say. I need to get to the 11th floor of the Eiffel Tower--to meet Bill Clinton? I don't know where he's gone at this point in the dream. I seem to remember that I have to change elevators at the 9th floor, and exit our elevator car there. The adjacent car is under repair, and it turns out I was mistaken, there is no other elevator to board to get to the 11th floor.

On the next one to arrive, I ask the hostess if this will take us to the 11th floor and she tells me yes, it will. I step on board but soon realize my mistake. This elevator is more like a roller coaster; it rises toward the 11th floor but soon turns down again. It passes, like a tourist car, through towns and villages. It has a dining car, where everyone is relaxed and cheerful.

I am angry for having been misled, and more and more anxious to get down to the street level. I remember Bill Clinton has a plane to catch, and would need to leave the hotel lobby at three to catch his plane at four. I very much want to see him before he leaves, to make him understand how important the weekend is. But then I realize he doesn't have to leave at any particular time; he has his own plane to fly on.

I do manage to see him once more before he leaves, and try to impress him with the importance of the weekend. But he has called the number on the card I gave him and tells me that the recorded message was very misleading. He's not interested.

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