Monday, February 5, 2018


I woke this morning with a feeling of great anger. It was as yet unspecified, but I could feel that it pervaded my entire body, my entire mind. I was fully aware of it before I was able to identify its source--in the political situation in which we find ourselves. I was angry at Trump and his enablers, and at the Republican lawmakers who blind themselves to what these people are doing to our country. I was angry at the lies and distortions, the radical dishonesty of the administration, the in-your-face inappropriateness of nominations and appointments, the shameless abuse of power. I was angry at the reckless disregard for the health and safety of the planet and our human species. I was angry at the sheer arrogance and self-interest that seem to motivate this president. I was angry at his macho posturing, his barely-disguised racism, his unapologetically vile behavior.

So I had good reason to be angry. But no matter how good my reasons, I know that my anger hurts no one but myself. It has no effect whatsoever on the man, and the people, against whom it is directed. It helps not a single one of my fellow critics, nor does it in any way alleviate their anger--no matter how justified and no matter how much I concur in it. In its small way, it succeeds only in adding to the general pool of anger that threatens to inundate our country with its toxic surge.

Having only one means to mitigate my anger--reason will not do it!--I turned to it this morning: a half hour of meditation helps put things in perspective. It works for me. At its best, it calms the raging heart and brings the mind to rest in equanimity. It allows me to come to terms with the limits of my power; and to strengthen my resolve to use whatever power I have to join forces with others who, like myself, wish to make things better, to diminish the harm, and find a place where we can live together more harmoniously.

As I say, it works for me. Until the anger returns...

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